Saturday, October 29, 2011

Organizing problem

So I need help...professional office/workspace is out of control. But to be honest it never has been under control since we moved. Even before though it wasn't great...but not this bad...When we moved there wasn't much time before I started working again as a consultant. So the important thing was to get the computer up and running and get working. So that is what I have done but I have been working in a  sea of boxes and disorganization. The office is supposed to be my work area for my consulting job, my photography business, scrapbooking and crafts and also have a play area for Delaney. Right now Delaney is safely kept in the pack and play (can you spot her??) when I am working and she is awake but that won't last much longer. Geoff installed some shelves in the closet today so I probably should get busy cleaning...but if anyone want to submit me to a design show I could use that too. I need major storage solutions...and good paint color for the room...I will keep documenting my progress as I go...

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