Saturday, October 29, 2011

Organizing problem

So I need help...professional office/workspace is out of control. But to be honest it never has been under control since we moved. Even before though it wasn't great...but not this bad...When we moved there wasn't much time before I started working again as a consultant. So the important thing was to get the computer up and running and get working. So that is what I have done but I have been working in a  sea of boxes and disorganization. The office is supposed to be my work area for my consulting job, my photography business, scrapbooking and crafts and also have a play area for Delaney. Right now Delaney is safely kept in the pack and play (can you spot her??) when I am working and she is awake but that won't last much longer. Geoff installed some shelves in the closet today so I probably should get busy cleaning...but if anyone want to submit me to a design show I could use that too. I need major storage solutions...and good paint color for the room...I will keep documenting my progress as I go...

Couponing Crazy

This is from a while back but I was pretty proud of it. Got all of this for $1.81!

BMV'd out

Well I guess it is time I blow the dust off the blog and get back to it...its only been 2 months! Where did the  time go?

After 4 months of living in Ohio I finally have Ohio license plates and an Ohio drivers license. It has been quite the learning experience for sure. Here in Ohio they renew your plates by your birthday instead of the month the plates are issued to you. So after learning this with Geoff's plates I decided to wait until after my birthday in September. Also since my IL plates didn't expire till the end of October I had some wiggle room.

Also in Ohio you have to go to many different places to go through the whole process. Illinois is pretty dysfunctional when it comes to government operations but at least you can go to one place there and get most things done. I have decided by Ohio have all these different places only doing certain tasks they are employing more people which I guess is good since they have jobs...though we pay for it... The positives are there are barely any lines since you have to go so many places and the people are pretty friendly unlike in IL.

So here is the process:
1) Go to place A and get your Vin number $$
2) Then get an Ohio title for your car..go next door to place A to place B..need various $$
3) Go to place C to get your emissions checked.
4) Go back to place A with various paperwork and get license $$.
5) Take written drivers exam at place D. (Drove 25 mins to get there).
6) Go back to place A with all of your paperwork and IDs to get drivers $$.

Finally you are done! And try doing that with a 1 yr old!

Monday, August 29, 2011


Today while at Trader Joes a guy roughly about the same age as me stopped me and asked how old Delaney was...he asked because he had a 3 month old little boy and wanted to know when his baby could sit up in a grocery cart...made me laugh inside. :-)

Sunday, August 28, 2011


Just a little PSA to start: I do realize some of these are not moods...just go with it... ;-)

Over the last few months I have become more and more obsessed with couponing. My friend Rachel at work helped me out a lot and learning how it works. I also went to a very helpful talk one night too about it. Believe me I am not an Extreme Couponer by any means but I can see how people get into it so much. It is an adrenaline rush of sorts-a natural high. My best outing was a few months ago when I spent $.77! It was awesome! Geoff thought I had spent $60-75 when he saw the size of the bag. I don't have that great of deals most of the time but I feel like if I am doing something it is better then nothing and it is just being smart about spending the money. It has also taught me to not be as brand loyal which is hard because we are pretty brand loyal people but I am willing to try and if I don't like it I will go back. For example we used to use Bounty paper towels. Good product. I have now tried Brawny, Viva and Tuf too. Tuf I think is Walgreens brand-I got it for $.59 a roll the other week on sale. We go through a lot of paper towels (which I need to figure out a way to lessen that) but I thought that if I could get them for $.59 a roll that would be huge! Those paper towels are terrible! Not very durable and I ended up using more just to clean I won't be doing that again!

Now when I go to the grocery store I save on average $30-40 which I think is pretty good. The nice thing about our grocery store here is they double coupons up to $.99! They didn't do that in IL so that helps! I try not to buy anything now unless it is on sale and I have a coupon or at least it is on sale... Same with Walgreens. Though now that have accumulated a decent inventory in certain products I feel like I am starting to just buy stuff to buy stuff and this couponing might not be working out as well...I need to start watching myself better and asking myself if we really need said item at the time. I am looking for excuses to get out the house and couponing gives me that reason though I need to be more diligent about a budget.

The whole idea on couponing is items only go on sale in a 12 week period once so stock up when it goes on sale. This week I am going to go pretty minimal. I have enough Register Rewards from Walgreens that I should be able to go shopping for "free" and maybe still have some for next week.

As I get my good deals I will post them here to share!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Hesitant and Indecisive

Well as I start this blog it has been almost 2 months since my husband Geoff, our two young children Delaney (the baby 11 months) and Penny (our furry child the Schnoodle 23 months) and I moved from Illinois to Ohio. It has been a learning experience and a good challenge for us. Looking back at our lives together it seems that Geoff and I never do anything the easy way. I guess it is just not in our nature. I am excited about a change of scenery and we were needing the extra space so Ohio has offered us that opportunity plus the experience for Geoff to have the job title he has been wanting for a couple years now. I do miss my friends, family, co-workers and what was my "normal" life but I need to take this experience and grow from it. Already I know I am a much stronger person then I was 6 months ago. Being a single working parent for 2 months will do that to you!

I am hesitant to start the blog because I want to make sure I follow through on a commitment. Time is not something of a luxury these days so I am not sure if I will be able to do this often but we will see. Maybe this will be therapeutic for me.

I am indecisive because I can't make up my mind sometimes! I had like 4 different names for this blog and I am still not sure about the name but I just needed to commit to something or this would never get started. I had even started another blog title and had decided I already didn't like the name before I got started...I don't know where it comes from but I will strive to work on that too!

I am calling it Becca's Different Moods because I will try to keep that as a theme of my posts. I was inspired by a book I read Delaney often. "Happy Hippo, Angry Duck". It talks about different moods and how they change day to day. And it is okay because tomorrow is a new day so your mood can change.  Having completely changed my surroundings and being home now with a baby and a dog all day gives me even more time to think... It has been a roller coaster year for sure in events and moods.

I hope you enjoy my blog!